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Fullmetal Alchemist: Resolution
Hello! Our names are Kelly and Caroline. We're the co-creators of the Royai fanchild Maya Mustang, amongst other characters, in our story "Fullmetal Alchemist: Resolution". This is our personal blog that we share to allow people to ask us whatever they'd like, as well as sharing information about our headcanon. Be sure to visit our other blogs as well!
Anonymous sent:

Why did you decide to give Michelle Ed's eyes when in the manga the younger baby definitely had Wnry's?

It’s because Michelle and Aaron’s initial designs were made prior to the end of the manga. Aaron was a little different, but Michelle has always had Ed’s eyes and hair.

We simply liked it too much and decided to keep it :)

Blog Revision

We completely revised this blog! The lay out has been completely ravamped and we’ve put in a new few pages!

We want to start taking this blog a little more seriously and post more information about our headcanon here. Go check out our new information on the brand new pages so you can see what types of things to expect from us now!


#Fan Art
#Fan Art
Anonymous sent:

hey gurls :D !! i was thinking, those profiles you have with maya mustang and aaron elric? do you have one with adam or ariella too? i would love to read them..

We’re in the process of making them, yes :D

Though you probably wont see them for a little while :3 We need to post Michelle and Nick first!

Anonymous sent:

I've seen you say that you need to redesign the Ishvalan clothes. Why?

I needed to redesign the clothes of just our Ishvalan OCs—not the actual Ishvalan clothing as seen in FMA.

It was simply because I hadn’t really observed Ishvalan clothing before, so I ended up drawing them wrong.

However, since then they’ve been redesigned :)

Anonymous sent:

What's the history behind how Maya, Adam, Ariella, and Zach all relate to each other?

Well, Zach has known Maya since they were infants. Roy and Riza were close friends of Zach’s parents, David and Kyla, from the start of the Ishval Restoration. Zach is about 2 years older than Maya, and since they’ve always been so close, he’s kind of like a big brother to her.

Maya met Adam and Ariella through their schooling. Ariella approached Maya in kindergarten—who at the time was very isolated by the other kids, as well as being naturally shy. Ariella reached out to her, being extremely outgoing, and the two have been best friends ever since. The details between Adam and Maya are a little more fuzzy, but one can assume they met through Ariella. Their relationship will develop more throughout the plot of the story rather than before it.

Adam and Zach are also best friends. They met at an Ishvalan marketplace at a young age when Adam got separated from his mother. Zach was used to roaming this part of the city, found Adam and managed to help him get back to his mom. Through Adam was also how Zach managed to meet Ariella.

Basically, they’re all a close group of friends :3

Anonymous sent:

Why did you decide to switch Maya's love interest from Nick to Adam?

Nick was actually never Maya’s love interest. By that I mean they were never planned to get together as a couple. Originally Nick was planned to be kind of the “cool boy in school” that Maya had a crush on but he never really noticed. A lot of drama went down with him that just ended up being really cliche and unnecessary and didn’t fit the type of plot we wanted. That was when we decided to completely revise Nick’s character and now he’s basically something totally different and eventually even became the love interest for Michelle.

From the moment we decided to give Maya a serious love interest we knew we wanted him to be Ishvalan—and that was how Adam’s character kind of ended up coming to life. He’s always been the person we knew that she would end up with post-plot, even when Maya did like Nick at the start of her original story (she later gave up on Nick and began to like Adam instead).

If you want to go way back once upon a time (like three years ago) when our fanchildren were completely different from what they are today, Aaron and Maya were going to be love interests. But nothing ever came of that and in the end we decided a Mustang and Elric kid getting together in our story would be too cliche anyways.